July 31, 2015
If you had the opportunity to create your own unique format, what would it be?
Alex Tear, Y100/ iHeartMedia Miami: K Dash 100. Fifteen minute Entertainment/Gossip News cycle each hour like a News station. Headlines TOH, repeating top stories and emergency break-ins for the big scoops, in addition to live reporters bringing the dish 24/7. Traffic and weather together on the 8’s with the dirt.

R Dub! Z90: I am actually sitting on a pretty cool idea and I'd have to kill you if I told you...so instead I will mention my 24-hour All-Slow Jams format that currently has its own iHeart radio channel (see iheartslowjams.com) Nothing but non-stop Slow Jams--much broader than the hit-driven Sunday night show show. This one has a deep library spanning from the 70s until today, complete with a full air staff. I'd love for you to listen sometime!

Jared Banks, KUDD: It’s the new three degrees of Jimmy Buffet format. Every song you play is in some way connected to Jimmy Buffet. Think of it like Kevin Bacon with more aloha shirts! BRILLIANT!!

Kobe, WWHT: A station full of just one hit wonders, like Soul Decision “Faded,” Blu Cantrell “Ooops (Hit’em Up),” Lou Bega “Mambo #5” and more like that.

Paul “Cubby” Bryant, WKTU: "Hook Radio," it would be like the old days of auditorium music tests, except on the radio! We'd easily get in 300 songs an hour!

Brad Davidson, ThinkSay Records: Classic Hip-Hop combined with 90's Alternative and today's hits!

Chris Michaels, FM100: The Chris List!

Sean “Rabbi” Tyszler, WMMR: “Rabbi Rock” what I like and you should like.

Phil Reeder, WJLI/WRIK/WKRO: In my neck of the woods, I'd love to put on a solid mix of Country / Classic Rock / Southern Rock... and I'd call it the Thunder Chicken! I know it would go over well.

Max Volume, KOZZ: Album Oriented Rock! Oh wait....

Randi West, WMTX: All one-hit wonders.

Albie Dee, WOCQ: Hmmm let's see...oh I got it...Guido EDM. Seriously though, would love to do a Rthymic Throwback format.

Jimmy Steal, Power 106: Rock from the Sex Pistols, The Clash and The Jam right up to now with Noel Gallagher, Steven Wilson and Nude Beach. It would be impossible to turn off!

Java Joel Murphy, WAKS: An adult hits station that isn’t afraid to play songs that don’t typically test. Just ‘cuz a song doesn’t test, doesn’t mean it’s not viable. That’d be pretty unique. Stiffs of the 70s, 80s & 90s! Might not get ratings, but it’s better than hearing the same 250 burnt out bar songs ad nauseum.

Toby Knapp, WIHT: I’d call it DAFUQ and I’d play everything I like, talk about things I like, including football pools and more and we’d have the DAFUQ Music Festival, the DAFUQ Pool Party and the DAFUQ Jesus’s Birthday Party show, because that name Jingle Ball is a registered trademark. We’d launch with Kanye or Jay Z and then segue into DC Talk. Yup.

Jeremy Rice, WBLI: All Depeche Mode!

Gina Gray, WERO: Coldplay 24/7. I would be the #1 core listener with a bottle of Xanax in one hand and a bottle of rum in the other and I’m good to go! It enhances the Coldplay listening experience!

Mike “OD” O’Donnell, WKRZ: The format would be TV Today. Take all of the highest rated shows and play the highlight clips of each episode including a set up and related celebrity/ entertainment news.

Dennis Reese, Capitol Music Group: Old School meets Cool New. Marvin Gaye to Sam Smith...Earth, Wind & Fire to The Weeknd.

Chase Murphy, KXXM: Rhythmic talk polka.

Jammer, WEZB: It's really not unique but Triple AAA has the potential to be big, but not done correctly in a lot of places.

Mike Miller, WHKF: ADD Format. Half way through a song we cut it off and go into something different. Even during our spots. We’ll start with a car dealer and with 10 seconds are talking about a tanning location.

Matt Johnson, KUDD: Xtreme Radio: Hip Hop and Active Rock. Beach Radio: Tunes for Chillin’. I could create bad formats like this all day!

John Mayer, WFLZ: It would be a “real” Top 40 where you get to play top songs from all genres like Alternative, Dance , Country, Urban, etc. Not having to play to your market or following any trends and irregardless of politics, just the 40 best songs available at any time.

Jonathan Shuford, WRVW: Other than bringing back “GenX” and doing it right? I think it’d be cool to see some kind of an Alt-Pop format that leans female. Some CHR or Alt stations sort of fill that niche now, but a station that plays stuff like Elle King, Andrew McMahon, Leon Bridges, Imagine Dragons, etc., along with the real female-friendly Alt/Pop Gold from the early 00s could do really well in the right market.

Fish Boy, WKRZ: Dance hits of the 90's and now!

Chuck Damico, WMMR/WBEN: Modern ROCK

Twisted Todd, WTPT: Country rap! And I would steal the KRAP call letters!

Roxy Myzal, HardDrive: Play nothing but new music. Forget the charts. Play what is GOOD, exciting and NEW! (I know, I’m a Bolshevik…a rebel….an unconventional type. But I would listen to that for sure, I dunno about anyone else!) I guess it would be a niche format.
Next Week's Question Of The Week:
If you can select an on-air line-up of music, entertainment and/or sports personalities for your two drive time slots,
who would you chose and why?
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Jonathan Shuford, PD


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