October 2, 2015
If you could cast yourself in any classic Hollywood movie (from any era) what flick would it be and what role would you play?
Alex Tear, Y100/ iHeartMedia Miami: Meatballs, 1979 classic. Bill Murray is Tripper Harrison, Camp Counselor at Camp North Star...dream role.

Kobe, WWHT: Vince Vaughn’s role in Swingers.

Eric Chase, WVKS: Just hand me the cape and cowl right now, and tell Christopher Nolan he's doing another Batman movie.

John Mayer, WFLZ: All the Godfather films, Casino and Goodfellas…I want to be in all of those movies, but I want to make up a character for all of them that doesn’t die at the end.

Brian Michel, iHeartMedia/Atlanta: Are you kidding? Steve McQueen in Bullet!

Brian Mack, WXXL: Help, and I would play the Ringo Starr role, after all he was the star of that movie.

Brad Davidson, ThinkSay Record: Doc Holiday in Tombstone. Maybe not a classic movie, but a historical time piece for America. I loved the classic line, "It's not revenge he's looking for, it’s the reckoning." Words to live by!

Skywalker, WSPK: The Hangover. I’m Mike Tyson!

Charley McCain, WSMW: Grease - Sandy :)

Rick Brewer, Red Light Management/ATO Records: Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs...I would play the Grumpy Dwarf (Especially if we shot on Tuesdays)
Jared Banks, KUDD: If I could take the place in any role in Hollywood history it would be Burt Reynolds in Smoky and the Bandit. I get the girl, I get the car and I get a legendary mustache! What more could you ask for!

Mike “OD” O’Donnell, WKRZ: It would have to be the Rodney Dangerfield role in Caddyshack… I love all those one-liners!

Orlando, WLLD: Boomerang. Eddie Murphy’s character, Marcus!

Mark Adams, KYLD & KIOI: The Maltese Falcon in the role of the titular McGuffin.

Java Joel, WAKS: Deep Throat. What role? Isn’t it obvious?

Toby Knapp, WIHT: Any Given Sunday. Al Pacino's character coach Tony D'Amato.

Chris “Hollywood” Mann, WERO: The Godfather, Don Corleone.

Sassy, WKXJ: Airplane. I would play the little girl just so I could say this line, “Cream?” “No Thank you I take it black. Like my men.”

Fish Boy, WKRZ: Animal House, Flounder.

Jeremy Rice, WBLI: The French film Le Samouraï (1967) is excellent and a favorite of mine. I am no actor, but I would like to assist Mr. Hitchcock in North By Northwest and Vertigo. Hitch and Woody Allen are my all time favorite directors – maybe I could be Mr. Allen’s therapist.

Greg Beharrell, KITS: I'd want to play a PC version of Godzilla: Whatever-your-personal-belief-is-zilla.
Jonathan Reed, WAEV: Ferris Bueller in Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Hopefully #roadtriplikemofo15 was a prime example of what he would have done.

Chad Rufer, KZZO: Who would not want to be Michael Corleone from The Godfather?

Kobi, WNRW: Goonies! I'd be the black guy replacing that Asian kid.

Rob Roberts, Q100: The Cameron Crowe character from Almost Famous.

Matt Johnson, KUDD: I'd be The D from Debbie Does Dallas.

Tony Waitekus, WHTQ: Elvis Presley in Viva Las Vegas!!

Roxy Myzal, Hard Drive: Bette Davis. 1950. All About Eve.

Chris Payne, KRZQ: The dude from Scanners, only I don’t die at the end.

Kevin Kash, WWEG: Private Parts because who wouldn't want the kind of radio career that Howard Stern has had?

Jason Squires, KFRR: Rip, No Holds Barred.

Matt Talluto, WBYR:The Godfather as Clemenza! Because I love cannolis.
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Given the influx of brand name/core artists lately, which new artists/songs do you hope will not get lost in the traffic?
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Mark Adams
San Francisco


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