Saturday, April 19, 2014

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April 17, 2014
What will be the must-see concert events of this spring/summer?
Jared Banks, KUDD:
I love going to outdoor Summer shows. But any time you can get out and see your audience, how they react to music and enjoy it like a listener not a programmer, I think you are going to enjoy the time spent.

Fish Boy, WKRZ: Eminem & Rihanna in Detroit, Gaga In NYC, and me spinning In Club Evolution at The Woodlands May 3rd (insert shameless plug).

Kobe, WAPE: Tomorrow World in Georgia, ya know for us EDM fans!

Randi West, WFLZ/WMTX: The Katy Perry Prismatic Tour is where it’s at!



Big Rob, KSME: I think anytime you get Eminem in a stadium setting it's a must see! Add Rihanna to the mix and it's a slam dunk. Would love to see that combo!

Raphael Pinsker, The End Records: TesseracT, Intronaut, and Cloudkicker. If you don't know TesseracT yet you better start learning! Also Summer Slaughter 2014 is shaping up to being back the roots of death metal!

Mike “OD” O’Donnell, WKRZ: Eminem/Rhianna for sure should be an awesome show, and Katy Perry.


John Mayer, WRVW: One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer. 1D is !D and with 5 Seconds gaining the popularity that they are, that show’s going to be out of control!

Hunter Quinn, KZZO: I'm definitely looking forward to Justin Timberlake and Bruno Mars this summer.


Jeff Hurley, Clear Channel/PA: The one that we’re announcing next week that I’m not allowed to talk about yet.

Marissa, WFLY: For our area: Justin Timberlake, Bruno Mars and Paul McCartney. For me: JT, Bruno, Andy Grammer and Taylor Mathews.

Mike Easterlin, Roadrunner: Paramore/Fall Out Boy.

Derrick Cole, WLAN: Clearly FM97/KISSFM/B104 Trendfest14, mainly because it’s our concert! We’re also fortunate to have Mixtape Festival happen in our backyard. Think Pop music fest combining old boy bands and current Pop stars, definitely a great show to have locally.

Otis, WNKS: Justin Timberlake Tour for sure! Plus, John Legend just came through and he was absolutely AMAZING!! Panty dropper take your'll be worth it.

Erik Bradley, B96: The B96 Pepsi Summer Bash, Katy Perry's Prismatic Tour and One Direction & 5 Seconds Of Summer at Soldier Field.

Chris P, KRQQ: It just happened... Coachella with OutKast!

Java Joel Murphy, WAKS: Hall & Oates mothereffers!

Dent, WXEG: Rock on the Range and seeing Dave Matthews Band doing 2 sets!

Sean "The Rabbi" Tyszler, WMMR: Tie between Aerosmith & Slash for my classic side and Mayhem with Korn and Avenged Sevenfold for my heavy side

Mase, WKZQ: The Replacements...duh.

Frankie V, KHTS: Channel 933's Summer Kickoff Concert! #YouLikeThatPlug



Skywalker, WSPK: K-Fest 2014 and I want to go to Rihanna and Eminem.

Slacker, WDZH: Eminem and Rihanna.

Chad Rufer, KZZO: Sam Smith.

Jordan, KSLZ: Billy Joel was my must-see, and he didn't disappoint. Kings Of Leon and Arcade Fire will be fun to see, too.

Rich Davis, KDWB: Probably Katy Perry. Motley Crue would be good, too.

Brodie, KCHZ: The must-see concert in KC is J-Timberlake! This dude sold out two shows in a matter of minutes. You're lucky if you have a Willy Wonka Golden Ticket to see this show.

Mike Rossi, WSTW: The Wilmington Flower Market (May 8-10) featuring Andy Grammer, American Authors, Emerson Hart, Matt Nathanson  , Ryan Starr and The Ready Set.

Roxy Myzal, Hard Drive: Avenged Sevenfold, Alter Bridge, Volbeat, (the granddaddy of them all) ROCK ON THE RANGE, Mayhem, and Warped. Also Mastodon if you haven’t seen ‘em, this is your year! Oh and Tool. Oh……hmmm. Wait, there is NO TOOL TOUR!

Max Volume, KOZZ: We just had 3! Volbeat, Queens of the Stone Age and Asking Alexandria! 3 separate shows, on 3 separate nights! Also, we have The Eagles for 2 nights in a row at Harvey's Lake Tahoe, Boston & The Doobie Brothers, and Aerosmith will appear there as well.


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