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Stats… Stats… Stats…
The top of the Most Added list has its own wall, Walls from Kings of Leon, which scores 13 adds. Ryan Adams is close behind, as 11 stations add his new Prisoner. Alison Krauss – who appears on the cover of the Pro.qb hitting your desk Friday – is in the third slot, with 10 adds posting on Windy City. The soundtrack of The Smog Of The Sea, boasting Jack Johnson’s “Fragments,” picks up nine adds to lock up the fourth slot, with Son Volt’s Notes Of Blue rounding out the list with eight adds.
            Check out Chuck Prophet’s title track from Bobby Fuller Died For Your Sins next week, along with “Bel Esprit” from Pixies and “The Same Love That Makes Me Laugh” by Robert Cray. The full list of impacting records will always be found on the Available For Airplay page of the Triple A format room at FMQB.com.        

WXPN Music Film Festival Returns 
WXPN/Philadelphia’s XPN Music Film Festival returns Friday, March 31 running through Sunday, April 2, at the Prince Theater in Philadelphia. Featured films include some of the most popular music films over the past 40-years, including Stop Making Sense on Friday, March 31, Cameron Crowe's Singles and Almost Famous on Saturday, April 1,  closing the last day with High Fidelity and The Band's The Last Waltz.

Triple A News Bites
Early Bird Registration for the FMQB Triple A Conference is only available for three more weeks. Register by March 15 and you’ll be able to take advantage of the lowest 2017 rate of only $269. You can register at registration.fmqb.com. You can also take advantage of special FMQB rates at the St. Julien, starting at only $229/night by going to stjulien.com and using group code GRPQB6 or calling (720) 406-9696 and mentioning FMQB…  A new non-Comm station in the western U.S. is seeking part-time air talent. The position includes a daily air shift, social media, and light production duties are included. A familiarity of current music is a must. Experience in Triple A or college radio is preferred, with a decent hourly rate and at least 25 hours weekly. To apply send a 3-minute demo with resume to Mike Henry from Paragon at mhenry@paragonmediastrategies.com... Sean Coakley of Songlines Music (sean@songlinesmusic.com) has announced the date for this year's SXSW Music Meeting, to be held on Thursday, March 16 from 12:30-1:30 p.m. Ten to 12 songs will be played for radio programmers, managers, consultants, syndicators and record label representatives. Songs will be rated and voted upon. This year's dais features Amy Miller of KXT/Dallas, Jim McGuinn from KCMP/Minneapolis, and WFUV/New York’s Rita Houston. Great new music may be submitted via digital download, along with bio materials, designated focus track, street date and how it will be serviced to radio. Deadline for submissions is Friday, March 10... Michelle Conrad has joined Paragon as Social, Mobile and Digital Consultant. she will assist Paragon's consulting clients on all social, mobile and digital platforms. Previously, Conrad worked in the field of social media for Oracle, Senior Social Media Account Manager for Friend2Friend, and Social Media director for Gunshot Digital, all based in San Francisco... WFUV/New York will air a tribute to Rich Conaty, the late host of The Big Broadcast, on Sunday, February 26 at 8 p.m. The show, "Remembering Rich," will be hosted and produced by late night DJ Paul Cavalconte, featuring conversations, recollections from friends and colleagues, as well as some of Conaty's signature recordings. Conaty passed on December 30, 2016 following a battle with cancer… Dan Reed has announced more artists that will be appearing at the 2017 NON-COMMvention, May 17-19 at WXPN studios and World Café Live in Philadelphia. Added to the list are Paul Shaffer and the World’s Most Dangerous Band, Bash & Pop, Real Estate, ALA.NI and Holly Macve. Details can be found at thetop22.com.

Prince Streaming Activity Explodes
BuzzAngle Music reports Prince songs were streamed 5.9 million times on just the first two days Prince songs were available on all On-demand streaming services (2/12 & 2/13). On-demand streaming activity for all of Prince's songs is up 4,719 percent for the first two days in comparison to the previous 5 days.
There have only been 2 weeks out of the past 6 months that there have been more than 1 million Prince songs streamed in a given week. The last time there were more than 5 million streams of Prince songs in 1 week was the 2nd week after his passing (week of April 29th 2016 when there were 7.8 million streams).
Streaming activity on all of Prince's albums up 5,578 percent for the first two days in comparison to the previous 5 days.
Purple Rain album was the most streamed Prince album for those two days with 1,535,608 streams; up 5,196 percent.
"Let's Go Crazy" was the most streamed Prince song for those first two days with 339,748 streams; up 13,659 percent.
“Purple Rain” was the 2nd most streamed Prince song with 337,519 streams; an increase of 3,093 percent compared to previous 5 day average.

Study: Women to Radio: I Love You, But….
Data just released from Alan Burns and Associates and Strategic Solutions Research in “What Women Want – 2017” indicates that radio is extremely healthy with female consumers, but has two areas that need shoring up.
“Women still love the radio station they listen to most (58 percent love, 96 percent love or like) and in most areas, radio’s images are very consistent with our data from five years ago,” said Burns founder Alan Burns. “They still feel like their P1 radio station is a good or even best friend (76 percent), and the ‘best friend’ vote has actually grown to around one in five women.”
Strategic EVP Hal Rood noted, “Amazingly, more women told us they felt understood by the radio station they listen to most (78 percent) than by their significant others!”
The national study of 2,000 15-54 year-old women found two areas of concern for radio. “Just over half (53 percent) of all women agreed that they could foresee a day when they might not need radio for music, and almost six in ten (58 percent) agreed that ‘radio is kind of old’,” said Rood. “Technologically, radio is feeling dated in the context of all the digital choices out there, and needs to work on that.
The other concern is some weakness with the youngest consumers. According to the study, nearly half (48 percent) of all women who don’t listen to radio are ages 15 to 24, and almost 1 in 4 (23 percent) of the teens who do listen gave “I can’t get the internet in the car” as one of the top three reasons they still listen. “There are definite bright spots for radio with 15-24s, though,” noted Burns. “The vast majority (90 percent) like radio, radio has higher ‘love’ scores than Pandora, Apple, or Spotify, and more than eight out of ten 15-24s (82 percent) look forward to listening and would be disappointed if they couldn’t.”
The Burns/Strategic study results are being released in a series of four free webinars. The next, on Thursday, February 23 at 2pm EST/11am PST, will be devoted to covering what’s happening in connected cars, pureplay music streaming’s impact on radio and how to fight it, and to measuring how much radio listening is being done through headphones.  “The results were a real wakeup call to me, and I think will be to most people” said Burns, “you don’t want to miss this.”

CBS Corp Revenue Up in 2016
CBS Corporation reported its full year 2016 and fourth quarter revenue today. The company now considers its CBS Radio division as "discontinued operations" in its financial reports. Overall, CBS reported full year revenue of $13.17 billion, up four percent from the year prior, in part driven by Super Bowl 50 and the election year. In Q4, revenue dipped from $3.59 billion in the fourth quarter of 2015 to $3.52 billion, though this figure leaves out CBS Radio.
"2016 was a phenomenal year for the CBS Corporation, with all-time highs in revenue, operating income, and EPS that came in above $4 for the first time in our Company’s history; and as we begin 2017, I couldn’t be more excited about our growth prospects in the years ahead," said Chairman/CEO Leslie Moonves. "We are already exceeding our projections to generate billions of dollars in incremental revenue, thanks to our new, fast growing revenue sources and the strength of our base business."
As for CBS Radio, it brought in $328 million in Q4, but took an overall loss of $384 million due to impairment charges. For the full year of 2016, CBS Radio revenue reached just over $1.2 billion but in the end saw a $255 million net loss. In its report, CBS noted that it expects to complete the transaction of its sale to Entercom in the second half of 2017.
In his comments, Moonves noted that CBS "recently announced a deal to split-off our radio business in the best possible way through a tax-free transaction with Entercom. When completed, this transaction will allow us to focus even more on our core content strength and enable our faster-growing revenue to drive our results like never before."


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