Aaron Taylor, APD/MD, KZZP/Phoenix
Chris P, APD/MD, KRQQ/Tucson

Chris: You pretty much run all of Scottsdale with all your DJing gigs. How do you think that helps you choose music for KZZP?
Aaron: I think it does help to an extent. Since the demo we target is 18-34 women, that’s pretty much the crowd in the clubs. It’s good to know what they like/hate/respond to and a lot of times they know about music before I do. BUT I always have to remember that only a very small portion of our audience goes to clubs. But it does give me a good gauge.

Chris: What is the one thing that labels shouldn’t do when working you on a record?

Aaron: I can't stand when a label says "you've had a good history with this artist so this song deserves to be played!" These days the fight is about inches and not feet so because _____ (insert one-hit wonder artist) has had mild success off a song doesn't mean his or her next song deserves to be thrown right in. It's very much a song by song decision, not artist!

Chris: How is it working in the same building as the mighty Johnjay and Rich and seeing them on a daily basis?

Aaron: Although Johnjay and Rich are very much their own show, it's great to see them every morning before I go on-air! Love talking old music with Rich and love hearing about what bodily function is acting up with Johnjay!

Chris: What would you tell a station like mine, still in a diary market, that you have learned from being in a PPM market?

Aaron: DON'T STRESS! Having "ratings" come out EVERY WEEK was stressful at first. I started looking like Mark Medina and Tim Richards with my hair, from pulling it out due to stress every Tuesday. But weeks fluctuate, panels change and numbers swing. You just have to look at the bigger picture. But it does give you good insight into who listens to your station.

Chris: If you weren’t in radio, or the king of Scottsdale, what would you be doing?

Aaron: Honestly I always wanted to become a cop. Actually when I moved to Arizona about four years ago I tested with a Department out here…and got HIRED. I backed out last minute because between radio, clubs, and money I was making, I wasn't ready to give it all up. Maybe in the future.

Chris: Facebook, Twitter or MySpace? (and if you answer MySpace I am driving to Phoenix to punch you! That’s where I go when I need time by myself.)

Aaron: TWITTER…so easy and quick. Not a huge fan of Facebook. Right now I have my Twitter connected to my FB so I don't have to do anything with it! Twitter.com/DjAaronTaylor

Chris: Being from Sac-Town, big question...Sacramento Kings or Phoenix Suns?

Aaron: About 8-10 years ago…KINGS! Love the dream team of Mike Bibby (from UofA), Bobby Jackson, Vlade Divac, Chris Webber, Peja Stojakovic etc! But being an Arizona boy now, I'll always support the Suns and their cheerleaders!

Chris: You worked with Mark Medina for a little while. Now that he is going to DC what is the one thing you are going to miss most about him?

Aaron: His passion! He's one of those guys in radio that lives, eats and breathes radio. At first we we're on different pages because he's very intense sometimes and I have a more laidback personality, but he's very smart and very good at what he does and he taught me a lot. I wish him and his family nothing but the best in DC!

Chris: You could only listen to one album for the rest of your life, which one would it be?

Aaron: Either Michael Jackson ONES (Greatest Hits) or Bob Marley Legend (also Greatest Hits!).



Aaron: Top 40/Rhythmic radio has gone through many changes when it comes to sound… Pop Alternative, Down South Rap, Hip-Hop and now on this Dance/House swing. What do you think is going to be the POPular radio sound next?
Chris: Polka is hitting the scene hard right now. You need to peep MC Schnitzel. That guy is bringing heat on his accordion. For real though, I think at some point it will go back to the Hip-Hop sound, BUT I think we will be in this Dance wave of music for a minute!

Aaron: I heard you've lost some weight lately, all while hosting bars at night while consuming large amounts of alcohol, can you give any secrets or are you on the "stress diet?"

Chris: (laughs) Truth, I don’t ever drink at my nights. I know, lame right?! I am like Far East Movement and “Acting like I’m Drunk.” I honestly went on the Paleo Diet and started working out at a place here called SWAT fitness that does Kettle Bell training and Cross Fit! I dropped a ton of weight.

Aaron: What’s the one quote that you've heard from a past PD/MD/On-Air talent that you will never forget?
Chris: “If you leave it out they will never notice, as opposed to forcing something in that doesn’t work.” I remember that being told to me when I was doing nights and creating bits.

Aaron: I know people have quoted you as being the "King of underage UofA seduction." If I wanted to hit the bigger and better ASU campus and pick up some freshman girls, what are some tips?
Chris: Always have candy in your pocket (laughs). If you are going to make the mistake of moseying on over to the STD infested dark campus of ASU I would recommend many trips to the clinic to get tested and always make sure you are protected.

Aaron: Five years from now you will be?
Chris: In Tucson! I love this city and have been lucky enough to grow up here and have my career here. I would love to be an Operations Manager one day.

Aaron: What's the last record your gut picked that was a smash and what was the last one you swung and missed on?
Chris: I was a huge fan of J-Lo “On The Floor” out of the box! Not sure if I am breaking ground with that one, but after one listen I thought it was a hit, but I know some people that weren’t sold on it so quickly. A swing and a miss would probably go to Lupe Fiasco “Outta My Head.” I LOVED that song, but it never really made any waves at Top 40. In fact I still love that song!

Aaron: Are they going to name a PD of KRQQ anytime soon? Is it going to be you? And do you make the height requirement?
Chris: I would love for it to be me! Just because I am not freakishly tall like yourself doesn’t require the condescending remarks. I am taking my Flintstone Vitamins. My mom says I am strong and growing. Why did I agree to do this with you? I liked you before I got these questions!

Aaron: Would you do mattress mambo with Lady Gaga or Nicki Minaj…and why?
Chris: Nicki Minaj hands down! I have a total crush on her! You ask why? One word...BOOTY! And I have already seen what she has upstairs...GOOD MORNING UH-MUR-I-CA!

Aaron: What do you feel will be the biggest change in radio in the next 1-2 years?
Chris: I think we are seeing it now on the mobile digital side. People don’t have walkmans anymore. But now your iPod/phone can do more than just play your music. It can stream local stations, stations you create, etc. That is where the future is going to be and I am excited to see our company is staying at the forefront of it all.

Aaron: What's your favorite thing to do in the wild and crazy town of Tucson to get your mind off of work….legal or illegal if you’re into that kind of thing?
Chris: There are so many things I love to do here. Going to University of Arizona basketball and football games are a great past time of mine. But my favorite thing to do is probably head to all the different taco stands around town and stuff my face with tacos. Mike Chester knows what I am talking about, respados homie!

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