Andy Matteo

Get To Know Andy Matteo…

Town and state you grew up in: I was born in Lansing, Michigan and grew up in the East Lansing area. I moved to Boulder, CO in 2003.

Town and state you live in now: I have lived in Boulder, CO since ’03 and I love the area.

First instrument: My first instrument was a Fender acoustic guitar I got for my 15th birthday followed soon by harmonica.

Instruments you currently play: Guitar, harmonica

First performance: My first performance was at a senior year high school choir Pops concert. I played Bob Dylan’s Quinn The Eskimo (Mighty Quinn) with three friends. I was a shy singer in choir and with a little liquid courage, broke out of my
shelf that night and belted it out. I shocked and amazed my choir teacher. It was a proud moment for him and me. (Thank you Captain Morgan 😉 )

Last book you read: The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Tests

Favorite movie: The Outlaw Josey Wales. My dog is named “Josey”.

Favorite song: My favorite song is Bob Dylans’ Like A Rolling Stone.

Who would you most like to have Dinner with: I would most like to have dinner with Martin Luther King Jr. if he were alive. I’d like to be in the presence of that
greatness. I’d like to have dinner with Bob Dylan, Tom Izzo, and my Mom and Dad.

Three CD’s you can’t live without: Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan, Hank Williams Greatest Hits, American Beauty Grateful Dead

Guilty pleasure: Sleeping in until noon

Your most recent project: I just finished and released my first album “My Golden Girl”. Available on iTunes, CD Baby, Bandcamp, and

Message to the world: Be what you want to see in the world. The change we seek starts with us living that change. And have lets have fun! Life is a celebration 🙂