Get To Know K-Syran…

Town and state you grew up in: Oslo, Norway

Town and state you live in now: Between London UK, Geneva Switzerland and Oslo Norway

First instrument: Piano

Instruments you currently play: Harmonica, Keys

First performance: At school age 10 for a sold out performance where I played lead and had to sing through the whole play.

Last book you read: Story of Ingmar Bergman and Liv Ullmann, written by their daughter Linn Ullmann

Favorite movie: Gone With The Wind, saw it at the age of five and decided that day to become an actress.

Favorite song: Lately my favourite song is Amazing Day by Coldplay. China Girl by David Bowie has always been my favourite!

Who would you most like to have Dinner with: Mick Jagger as I know many of today’s big actors from school and work. Mick Jagger is a living legend of the music industry!

Three CD’s you can’t live without:Tracey Chapman/ La Boheme Puccini/ David Guetta

Guilty pleasure: A glass of bubbles!

Your most recent project: Just now I’m filming a music clip organized by a British film producer. It will be amazing!

Message to the world: JUMP!