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Updated: 8.6.2014





Updated: 8.6.2014



From radio's earliest days, remotes have been a part of our landscape. Today, they still cause much discussion at stations. Should we do remotes or not is the most common asked question.

Try to avoid having your talent remotes or call in's on the telephone.
Your listeners are comfortable hearing jocks on the air with finely tuned audio chains. Years ago, getting a good remote phone line was complicated and costly. Not the case today. If you do remotes, consider investing in one of the many systems on the market that produce digital quality over land lines and cell.

If you are going to have a PA at the remote, do all you can do to avoid feedback. Nothing sounds worse or more annoying. While PD at WJR in Detroit we did many remotes, and always seemed to have a PA problem. Our Chief Engineer, Ed Buterbaugh came up with a great solution. Instead of having one or two large PA speakers, he bought 10 smaller, high quality speakers. He would surround the remote site with these. Each had a separate volume control so we could adjust each one. Since there were many speakers, they did not have to run at high level to still cover the area. This was one great idea and we never had feedback on remotes again.
The fact that listeners cannot see us is a great part of the radio mystique.
When we go out on remote that goes away. It is for this reason that we must look great with equipment and sets as well as talent. If you use a van, make sure it is spotless and always polished. It should not have body damage, and the inside should be neat and clean.

All station personnel should be "dressed for success". Some type of "station wear" should always be worn. Unless you are at a pool/beach/summer outdoor promotion, T-shirts are a no-no. The station should invest in contemporary looking outfits. Remember that first impressions are lasting ones.

Have a plan. Know who is responsible for what.
Review and go over the day before. Load the van the day before. Make sure the van is neat and clean inside out.

Make sure the account executive is at the remote. Since this is their account, they must plan to be there for the entire event to make sure that client relations are handled in the correct way.

Get to the remote site at least 2 hours ahead of the event. Make sure that there are plenty of banners and giveaways at the site. Balloons are great. They are inexpensive and kids love them. Do not forget the helium tank. Having some type of gimmick can also be most effective. Some stations have a mascot that hands out pictures. Some have the Money Machine. The more you have to offer the more attractive you are to not only the client, but to perspective listeners.

Test the lines to the studio. Make sure you have a good line, and the board op can hear you and you can hear them. In this day and age of advanced technology there is no excuse for the first breaks to be sloppy and all over the place.
If you are doing live broadcasts, make sure there is good communication from the remote to the studio. The talent at the remote site must have great headphones to hear.

Have a plan/script for all drops/call-in's. Keep remote drops to :60. Write it down so you do not end up repeating yourself repeatedly. Pre-plan each drop with the client so they will know exactly what they will be getting.

Do an email blast before the remote. If you have a loyal listener database, send out e-mails to the database letting them know that you are coming to their neighborhood. Invite them to come and meet you. Won't you look great to the client when you load the place up with people.

When you are doing multiple drops an hour, many stations find that recording the drops is more effective than doing them live.
This way if an error is made, it can be re-done. Over the years, I did many a remote this way and listeners never realized the talent was on tape. This also allowed him more time at the remote site to meet, entertain, and talk to listeners.

For market availability and a confidential discussion about your station, call Gary Berkowitz today. (248) 737-3727 or or

In a new interview with Billboard, Maroon 5 guitarist James Valentine revealed a number of details about the band's upcoming album V. Due out September 2, the band the considers the record an extension of their last album. "We didn't really stop recording after we finished Overexposed," Valentine said. "On Overexposed we started working with outside producers and writers, and we just kind of kept the process going after we finished with that record because we built great relationships with these guys. Things are just a little bit more relaxed now, because we have [singer] Adam [Levine] doing [The Voice] and the touring thing is a little different for us. So the writing and recording just keeps going, and ["Maps"] seems as much like the fifth single off of Overexposed as it does the first single from [V]."

One of the new songs, titled "My Heart Is Open," features an appearance from Gwen Stefani and was co-written with Sia (who currently has the #1 album in the country). "Living here in Los Angeles we've known Sia for a long time, back from when she was just an artist, before her second act as, like, the most brilliant pop songwriter of all time, so it was really cool just to work with her," Valentine told Billboard.

As for Stefani (who is joining The Voice alongside Levine this fall), he added, "It's cool for all of us to have her on the record. And Adam won't shut up about how cool she is as a person. A lot of times when you meet your idols it's a letdown, but it's the opposite case with Gwen, apparently."

Due to The Voice's TV taping schedule, Maroon 5 don't plan to begin touring until early in 2015, though they will play some live appearances to promote V later this year.
The nominees for the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards were revealed on Thursday morning via SnapChat, and Beyoncé leads this year's field with a total of eight nominations, including Video of the Year, Best Female and Best Collaboration for several tracks from her surprise, self-titled album. VMA veteran Eminem and newcomer Iggy Azalea have seven nods each. Em's nominations include: Best Hip-Hop for "Berzerk" and two for "The Monster" with Rihanna (Best Male and Best Collaboration), while Iggy's mega-hit "Fancy" will vie for Video of the Year, Best Female and Best Pop. Also receiving multiple nominations this year are Jay Z, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Pharrell Williams, Ariana Grande, Lorde, Sam Smith, Zedd, Avicii, Pitbull, Jason Derulo and Hayley Williams.

As for the coveted Video of the Year award, the clips that will face off are: Beyoncé ft. Jay Z, "Drunk In Love;" Iggy Azalea ft. Charli XCX, "Fancy;" Miley Cyrus, "Wrecking Ball;" Pharrell Williams, “Happy;" and Sia, "Chandelier." Beginning today, fans can vote in VMA categories including Video of the Year, Artist to Watch and more by visiting

The 2014 MTV Video Music Awards will be handed out at the Forum in Inglewood, CA, on August 24, with a show that will include performances from Usher, Ariana Grande, 5 Seconds of Summer, and more artists to be announced later.
Bruno Mars has announced some new openers for select dates of his Moonshine Jungle World Tour, including Aloe Blacc, Bebe Rexha, and Afro/Norwegian pop duo Nico & Vinz. Pharrell Williams will no longer appear as special guest on the Canadian dates due to a personal conflict. In other news, Mars recently received his first Emmy nomination for his performance at the Super Bowl Halftime Show. The show was named in the category of Outstanding Short-Format Live-Action Entertainment Program, and it also received an additional nomination for Outstanding Lighting Design/Lighting Direction For A Variety Special.


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