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Mase Goes To Riotfest

So back in May I had my first experience with Rock On The Range here in Columbus. It was...well, loud and full of Heavy Metal Sunburns (Such good people watching). So last weekend it was time for another festival. This time Riotfest in Chicago. Itís one that I have been wanting to go to since The Replacements did their first reunion shows there. Unfortunately at the time I was living in Myrtle Beach, SC and thatís a bit of a hike, but driving from Columbus to Chicago was a breeze. Too bad I donít own this Bitchiní Camero.

See more from Riotfest here.

El Vy "Return To The Moon"
So here's a new that's been running around my head for the past few weeks. The band...EL VY, the song "Return To The Moon". I've always been a fan of The National, so when I found out that Matt Berninger had teamed up with Brett Knopf from Menomena and Ramona Falls to form a new band, I said count me in.
It really took me one listen to get hooked. A few people have mentioned to me that Matt's lyrics are "nonsensical" in this song. My reply was "Have you ever listened to The National?". I just think it's great that he actually sounds happy. If you haven't yet, check this song out. I might get stuck in your head.


Disclosure (f. Lorde) "Magnets" (Capitol)
Mainland "Outcast" (300 Entertainment)
Failure Anthem “Paralyzed” (Razor & Tie)
HOONCH "Top" (7s Mgmt)
St. Lucia "Dancing On Glass" (Columbia)

Iím Greg Beharrell.
I host drive on Live 105.
I stalk other radio stations.
Hereís what I found.

ēThe End - Seattle
ē The Shark - Miami
ē ALT AZ - Phoenix

Dead Weather
"I Feel Love"

New Beat Fund with Alicia Tyler at WZNE Rochester!!!

Jon Manely

This time on "Who Is...?" we get to know Jon Manely APD at KNDD in some town called Seattle...I'm not sure of the state. Having bounced around the country from Phoenix to Vegas he has landed in the backyard of his favorite band Pearl Jam. I'm saying it's stalking or even on purpose, but it's probably a bit of both. So let us now find out Who Is Jon Manely.

Going back in time, what was the circumstance that truly prompted you to make radio your career?
I got into radio on a dare, and after moving clear across the country to chase such a silly dream I figured there was no way I return home as a failure. Fear is such a great motivator, isnít it? If youre looking for a specific moment, it was the first time I cracked the mic on The Edge 103.9 in Phoenix. I knew right away this was exactly what I should be doing

How many times a week do you say to yourself "That really seemed like a good idea at the time"...or "What was I thinking"?
Usually once a week , right after I finish oversharing during the podcast Gregr (our excellent morning show host at The End.) and I do. Its called Our Dumb Podcast. Available on itunes, dummy!

You moved from Vegas to Seattle...does the amount of coffee shops make up for the lack of legalized prostitution?
Im going to say yes, and slowly walk away from this question.

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Manny Simon
VP/Adult Formats,
Republic Records

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