MAY 14
WWSW-FMClassic Hits 6532 8.16574 7.9 6599 8.0
WRRK-FMAdult Hits 5624 7.45761 7.15866 7.6
WDVE-FMAlbum Oriented Rock5587 8.05623 7.35685 7.0
WKST-FMPop Contemporary Hit Radio 6446 7.76309 6.76484 6.9
WDSY-FMCountry 4795 6.75004 6.55235 6.9
KDKA-AMNews Talk Information 2532 7.12540 6.72352 5.8
KDKA-FMAll Sports 2756 3.74195 5.13827 4.8
WBZZ-FMHot Adult Contemporary 5153 4.15493 4.45570 4.6
WLTJ-FMAdult Contemporary 4250 4.54195 4.34550 4.2
WXDX-FMAlternative 4122 3.74423 3.74851 4.0
WPGB-FMNews Talk Information 1620 2.21602 2.11703 2.5
WESA-FMNews Talk Information 1064 2.21022 2.0956 1.7
WYEP-FMAlbum Adult Alternative 923 1.3991 1.11065 1.1

*Data are not available for this station/survey.
+Call letter change.
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